Energy Sentry

INTRODUCING ENERGY SENTRY®! Control your PEAK DEMAND and Lower Your Electric Bills by using Energy Sentry®! Savings of 20-30% (or even more) makes Energy Sentry® the right solution for customers looking to lower electric bills without giving up comfort in their homes.

Our Dominion Power energy bills increase yearly and most of us don’t know how to lower these bills! There exists a product that can reduce your energy bill considerably every month!

…for you to use the same amount of electricity at a substantially lower cost.
…to lower your electric bills every month of the year.
…to have savings that can be proven every month unlike other energy cost-reducing products.
…to help gas and electrically-heated and cooled homes maintain their market value and make them easier to sell than homes without Energy Sentry®.
…to allow homes to have less expensive total energy costs than a comparable gas-heated / cooled home, depending on the total energy costs.
The average return on investment is less than 4 years!

Energy Sentry® is a DEMAND CONTROLLER.

It controls the rate of electrical usage during peak demand times.
• Energy Sentry® connects to your home’s main service panel.
• Energy Sentry® manages demand by monitoring your electrical usage.
• Energy Sentry® then adjusts the way your system uses electricity so that you will maximize your use of the lowest on-peak and off-peak rates.

“..we lived in about a 2400 square foot house without your system. Our electric bills were $250-$300 per month in some months. Now, we live in a 6000 square foot house with Energy Sentry® and our bills rarely exceed $200. I highly recommend the Energy Sentry® to those homeowners that are concerned with the high cost of electricity and, at the same time, would like to help the environment.”
– Richard Wheat of Gloucester, VA

“This is just a note to let you know how pleased I have been with my Energy Sentry®. Our average electric bill has dropped from $160.75 per month to $106.27 per month. We are so glad we bought the unit!”
– Dianne McClernan of Virginia Beach, VA

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